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The Church Emergency Center

Have you considered all the emergency needs and care that is tended to within the church body?  People arrive to the church gatherings with many normal human conditions like lonliness, fear, pride, loss, financial struggle, and many other concerns.  Men, women and children deal with the sin consequences of everyday life.  The church body does care about the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a human.  Jesus, himself, healed the mental and physical illnesses.
   Some congregations will  provide a "parish nurse" who can take blood pressure checks and answer or guide in some of those medical questions.  Historically, Christians have been leaders in building hospitals.  You probably have heard of hospitals with a connection to the Methodist, Lutheran or Catholic Churches.   Did you know that the founder of the Hospice Programs was a Christian doctor named Dame Cicely Saunders?  She also was a social worker and writer.  
   The point is that "healing" in various ways, is a big part of the church being our emergency center.  Some weeks the human urgency care is a heavier load.  And other times we might even find ourselves positioned to be the "emergency care-giver" to another human in need.  
  Which area do you feel "called" to serve in the Church body emergency center?  Are you the one who helps more with physical needs?   Maybe your calling is comforting the mentally distressed!   Have you ever considered ALL the urgency of needs in a group of even 10?  The good news is that God lines up our pathways to be in the right place at the right time so we accomplish His purpose.  So, this means you can handle that task before you.   Be faithful, sure-footed, and trust in the timing of God using you to be that emergency care provider!   Remember to praise Him when your urgent need was brought to a peaceful solution, due to others working in God's name!
 Thank you Lord Jesus for paving out pathways, so goodness and blessings are received.  Amen.

Jesus and Social Distancing?

  By now we are getting better at keeping our distance from others, due to the coronavirus spread.  Is distance from others comfortable, or do we long to be in the crowd?  As recorded in the Holy Bible, Jesus himself spent time around 5,000 people (to feed them) and He would travel with his 12 apostles to teach them.  In fact, the term "crowds" or multitudes is mentioned 106 times in the Scriptures.  
  A few examples in the Bible are Luke 8:4 "When a large crowd was coming together, and those from various cities were journeying to Him, He spoke by way of a parable."   Matthew 8:1 "When Jesus came down from the mountain, large crowds followed Him."  So, what did Jesus see when he was among the crowds?  He saw people in need.  He felt compassion for the men, women, and children in the crowd.  He could recognize those who felt empty.  Jesus responded with helpful, teaching words, helpful actions and healings.
  As we slowly return to more socializing, and gathering in groups for various reasons.  Perhaps we should look at the "weary eyes" or "lost faces" around us.  Many are living their life today without Jesus.  Truly a leader, like Jesus, is missing in their days.  We need to break through to them with the hope and difference Jesus will bring to their life.  Ask the Holy Spirit to direct your steps, and give you the words to impact someone in the small or bigger crowd.   That day will come, when we will have less spread of the virus, and positively more spread of the news of Jesus!  It's up to you to increase the spread of Jesus!

Thanksgiving for our Provider

Thanksgiving for our Provider

    There are people who are truly thankful and never hesitate to voice their gratitude.  They give God the credit for all the blessings they enjoy.  How many things can you name off the top of your head--quickly--that God has given you?  Sadly, some people are never excited about what God is doing in the world.  Have you seen the enthusaism in a truly thankful person?  They thank God with a loud voice of praise!  
   We have received Jesus "outstretched arms" of welcome and love!  We have received Jesus forgiveness and everlasting hope!  With awe, we can see hundreds of gifts from our Lord Jesus.   The more we see God as our provider, the greater our trust in Him, and the greater the calm that enters our heart.  Start each day by expressing your thanks to God and experience peace.



Living without FEAR!

During this month of March we are hearing much about the coronavirus.  Fear and great concern has been elevated in our society.  This prayer is posted to aid you in praying about the health situation and the fears in our world.  Peace be with you.

Fear and worry are not of Your heart. 1 John 4 reminds us that perfect love casts out all fear, and we pray Your perfect love upon the hearts of all those who are burdened with fear of this virus.  Oh Lord,  we are aware that You are bigger than the threat of anything, even illnesses.  We ask you to comfort those who are living in fear, free them from the bondage that anxiety creates within.  Remind them You are still on the Throne and that You are still in control.   Rain down serenity that comes from only you, our Prince of Peace.  
Living God, be near all the doctors and nurses who are ministering to the sick.  Fill them with your Holy Spirit, that they may go forth in your strength, in your wisdom, and in your goodness to help those in need.
We ask all of this in your holy name, Jesus Christ, our Lord.



It is fascinating to study the migration of birds!  Take, for example, the Pacific Golden Plover.  These birds are hatched in the areas of Alaska and Siberia.  Before the young ones are old enough to fly great distances, the old birds desert them and fly far away to the Hawaiian Islands.   The young birds are left behind to grow strong and to then follow their parents.  Finally one day these younger birds rise into the sky and set their course out over the Pacific.  They have never made this journey before and they must cross two thousand miles of ocean, with no marks to guide them.  Yet, without error they fly straight to the specks of islands, called Hawaii. 
In the same way, that God has provided this "inside" sense for the birds, God has made provisions for mankind.   When our lives are in "harmony" with God's will, even though we cannot see the way ahead, we have an instinctive sense of the right direction.  God can and will direct our paths!  God plans for the next day and for our eternity.   From the book of Proverbs 3:6:  it reads "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
Have inside peace today knowing that God is giving you the right direction to take.  

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We give thanks unto You, O God, because we can approach Your throne, at any time, with freedom and confidence! Father, we thank you that we are Your workmanship and our identity is found in You. We are grateful that we were chosen before the foundation of the world, that you adopted us, that you love us, and that we belong to You. When we are tempted to worry about what others think or we are afraid of how others see us, God remind us that You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. We are no longer condemned; we are forgiven. We are delivered. We are healed. We are set free. We are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb! We are Your sons and Your daughters. Hallelujah! We are victorious. In Jesus' name, Amen.   (By T.Morrison)