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Today I Pray for Perseverance

Sometimes it is not easy to "keep going"!   We begin to drag and often feel crushed.  The Holy Scriptures remind us over and over to persevere.  In 2 Corinthians 4 we are reminded that we may feel struck down, but we will not be destoryed.

This prayer is about perseverance.   Our loving Lord listens....

Dear Lord,

I am discouraged, and it feels as if obstales are in my path.
Have you heard me pour out my soul before you?

Strengthen my character, give me the will to face the day,
Give me patience, no matter how Iong the day may seem.

If despair moves in, press upon my heart to remember that
all things are possible with you Lord Jesus!

The world demands action and busy work, I need refreshed by
you, my Lord and friend, to rise me up with new hopes!

Teach me how to fully trust in you when I am weak,
And that through the work of the Holy Spirit, your power
works within me.

May your hand never leave me.  Today I remember your
everlasting love for your children.   May my life and actions
glorify you.
In Jesus' name.

Spiritual Focus

Spiritual Focus

Imagine the focus needed when you are a pilot.  Sometimes the flying is in dense clouds or a violent storm.  Certainly, the pilot must be aware of all directions, north, south, east or west.   He/she must focus on that instrument panel as well.   Others certainly rely on the constant focus of the pilot.

It is important we avoid situations where we drift off from our spiritual focus.  Do certain friends or family pull you away from your spiritual focus?  Do certain books or articles you read, pull you away?     Maybe even anger gets in the way at times.   Everyone likes to get into the action of life, but there is a danger in the matters that wrongly impact us.   

Our everyday faith, and our personal relationship with Jesus needs our steady focus.   Yes, we cannot see Jesus face to face, but He longs to have that daily connection with each of us.   Moreover, when we keep our eyes on the spiritual things, we accomplish more for His kingdom.  Stay committed and focused on the race that is before you.

Have you seen others in a "floundering faith?"  How would you describe that?   

When the world seems to bombard us, we can choose to focus on His Divine Power!
From 2 Peter 1:3:
His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.

May the Lord bless you today and always!




Your Gospel Bucket List

Your Gospel Bucket List
Most people know how to make a bucket list.  This list involves hopes and achievements that an individual wishes to complete in their lifetime, before getting too old or death.  Maybe on the list is places to travel, foods to try or even learning to drive a boat or operate a crane!  There are all sorts of categories for a bucket list, likely some more risky than others.
 What about changing your list to a "gospel bucket list"?   It does not matter if you are just starting your life with Jesus as Lord, or if you have been on the journey with Jesus for 40 years.  The gospel bucket list can help you to embrace Christ and service to Christ in a whole new way.
  Here is a short list of ideas for a gospel bucket list:
  *Spend time caring for the homeless
  *Read a minimum of 12 Christian books a year
  *Plan a fundraiser for missions
  *Find a prayer partner for one year
  *Participate in a "Adopt a Child" program
  *Help in teen ministry for 6 months
  *Take a short-mission trip to a new area for you
The list can be as long as your imagination.....
  Why would you want to spend your life watching from the sidelines?  You can believe in the fact that God will do great things with you as you work on that gospel bucket list.   Jesus asks us to live by faith, trust him, double down, get going and serve Him. Don't forget how your gospel bucket list will impact other lives too.  
   Scripture for today:  "Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered." (Proverbs 11:25)


A Time to Sow

Life is about sowing!  The real function of each generation is to sow the seeds that will make a better world possible in the future. Spring brings in the time to sow the seeds of the fields and our gardens.  For the sower there is a vision and compelling want to see the grown crops and enjoy the fresh cucumbers and other tasty items from the garden.

The soul of a sower knows the time to sow is now!  The sower should work without ceasing, never knowing when the seed will take root, and never quitting until it does.  Sowing is a slow process and rarely are there instantaneous results!  We live in a world in great need of sowers.  The people who have the conviction and patience, and know the possibilities, do take on the moral task of sowing.

Ok, remember this..."If there is a need, sow a seed."  Take action!  We know that sowing is the act of planting.  Plant the seeds of faith in your growing children.  Plant the seeds of love in your marriage.  Plant the seeds of financial blessings for those who need.  Plant the seeds of compassion in the wounded.  Plant the seeds of hope in a failing situation.  The growth of those seeds can better a situation!  Sometimes it takes courage to toss out the seeds and the act of planting seems in vain.  You may not always get to see the results of your planting; but be content to know that the Holy Spirit can make the conditions perfect for those seeds to root and grow.

Do not get discouraged as a sower; and keep in mind that the world needs urgent sowers to keep tossing the good seeds! Make a daily decision to sow for God's Kingdom growth too, so that all may receive His salvation!

May you feel the joy of Jesus today!




The Bad Habit!

The Bad Habit is Realized!

  If you want to get rid of a bad habit, you must make up your mind to work on it!  Habits are strange because they often start subtly or gradually, and then we try to break the bad habit "cold turkey!"  Sometimes the radical break is necessary.  You and others could be in a high risk situation where the habit needs to change abrutly.  So is there some habit you need to break because "time is a-wasting"?

  Let's think about Zacchaeus situation in the Bible.  Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector at Jericho.  In those days, the tax collectors were not popular.  As the collectors gathered funds for the Roman Empire, they always collected extra funds for their own personal profit.  Therefore, the tax collectors became wealthy.  In Luke 19, we read about Zacchaeus getting curious about Jesus.  After the encounter between Zacchaeus and Jesus, the bad habit of this tax collector was realized!  Luke 19:8 "But Zacchaeus stood there and said to the Lord, "Look I'll give half of my possessions to the poor, Lord!  And if I have extorted anything from anyone, I'll pay back four times as much!"  This tax collector made a commitment to change and to do better.  A habit of greed was replaced with generosity. 

  Any bad habits of our own, that we finally realize can be changed with help from Jesus, our saving lifeline.  Jesus willingly wants to give this help to us.   Do you think the choice is easy or difficult to stop a bad habit?  It might feel wonderful to get unstuck from the mud of a bad habit.  

   Speak with Jesus today about the strength you need to change and to do better.


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