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The Church Emergency Center

Have you considered all the emergency needs and care that is tended to within the church body?  People arrive to the church gatherings with many normal human conditions like lonliness, fear, pride, loss, financial struggle, and many other concerns.  Men, women and children deal with the sin consequences of everyday life.  The church body does care about the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a human.  Jesus, himself, healed the mental and physical illnesses.
   Some congregations will  provide a "parish nurse" who can take blood pressure checks and answer or guide in some of those medical questions.  Historically, Christians have been leaders in building hospitals.  You probably have heard of hospitals with a connection to the Methodist, Lutheran or Catholic Churches.   Did you know that the founder of the Hospice Programs was a Christian doctor named Dame Cicely Saunders?  She also was a social worker and writer.  
   The point is that "healing" in various ways, is a big part of the church being our emergency center.  Some weeks the human urgency care is a heavier load.  And other times we might even find ourselves positioned to be the "emergency care-giver" to another human in need.  
  Which area do you feel "called" to serve in the Church body emergency center?  Are you the one who helps more with physical needs?   Maybe your calling is comforting the mentally distressed!   Have you ever considered ALL the urgency of needs in a group of even 10?  The good news is that God lines up our pathways to be in the right place at the right time so we accomplish His purpose.  So, this means you can handle that task before you.   Be faithful, sure-footed, and trust in the timing of God using you to be that emergency care provider!   Remember to praise Him when your urgent need was brought to a peaceful solution, due to others working in God's name!
 Thank you Lord Jesus for paving out pathways, so goodness and blessings are received.  Amen.

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Loving God our Father!

When you turn to the Lord Jesus you delight his heart!   You know the feeling when someone rushes forward to greet you with a smile and hug.  You feel so loved and acknowledged!   Perhaps that's how God feels when we call on his name in worship and prayer, acknowledging him as our heavenly Father and honoring him above all else.