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The Flow of His Love

Have you ever done an early morning swim on an expected hot day?  That swim might be in the neighborhood pool or even a small lake, but the cooler water awakens and refreshes us for the day.   Some folks have memories of playing and splashing under a small waterfall in the park or woods.   A few people find their water experience to be fantastic in their own fancy, home shower system.  That liquid substance, however it flows on or around us, the tingle on the skin brings a smile.  The coolness seems healing.  Our entire mood can shift just from the mist and the big drops of water renewing our energy. 

Today, and everyday, the generous flow of God's love is coming down on you.  Could you begin to imagine a different way to swim?  See yourself sometimes floating and backstroking, in God's unrelenting affection.  Near the waterfall, imagine yourself on your knees praying, with the mists of the falls spraying across your back, head and face.  Imagine God's love spraying on you and you receiving this love with joy!  God's love can pour on you in great abundance in that gushing shower...just absorb the giving love that flows anew each day.

There is no shortage of God's love and He freely desires to abundantly love you and others!  Feeling God's love for you is one of the most empowering blessings you can give to yourself.   For such love will root and release, affirm, heal, and empower you.  Think of how much water is in the ocean.  God's love is larger than ocean capacity.

Lastly, upon feeling God's nearness and affection we might release tears.  Have you heard of joy-tears or happy-tears?   Why shouldn't you have those joy-tears?   These joy-tears are from being touched by God in our tender hearts and souls.  Our God can satisfy and calm our minds with His everlasting pouring of love.

Psalm 107:1  "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever!"

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Loving God our Father!

When you turn to the Lord Jesus you delight his heart!   You know the feeling when someone rushes forward to greet you with a smile and hug.  You feel so loved and acknowledged!   Perhaps that's how God feels when we call on his name in worship and prayer, acknowledging him as our heavenly Father and honoring him above all else.