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DEVOTION to whom?

  What dreams do you have for your personal family?   Are these dreams also true for your church family?   Is there a strong sense of devotion to your personal family?

   In the Scriptures Paul exhorted Christians to "be devoted to one another in brotherly love".  This means we do not withdraw from members of the family, rather we practice trueness, loyalty and faithfulness.  We act on what we know is right.

It takes time to reverse any bad behavioral patterns.  If we grew up in a home where "love and devotion" was not around us, we may find it uncomfortable to accept the love and devotion from our church family.   You don't feel like being "brotherly"?  Don't wait until you feel like it.  Start by doing something small.  Share a note of appreciation.  Invite somone to lunch.  Just ask easy questions that allow the other person to share about their history.  Rejoice in their little "victories" or their "good news".  

Lastly, devotion and love in a church family, indicates there will be lots praying for each other!
Brotherly love is not NONSENSE!  It is a deep awareness of another human being who has hungers and longings each day; and needs strengthened through the support and love of a church family.

Father, help me to be a conduit of Your love in my speech and actions.  Amen.


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Loving God our Father!

When you turn to the Lord Jesus you delight his heart!   You know the feeling when someone rushes forward to greet you with a smile and hug.  You feel so loved and acknowledged!   Perhaps that's how God feels when we call on his name in worship and prayer, acknowledging him as our heavenly Father and honoring him above all else.