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Today I Pray for Perseverance

Sometimes it is not easy to "keep going"!   We begin to drag and often feel crushed.  The Holy Scriptures remind us over and over to persevere.  In 2 Corinthians 4 we are reminded that we may feel struck down, but we will not be destoryed.

This prayer is about perseverance.   Our loving Lord listens....

Dear Lord,

I am discouraged, and it feels as if obstales are in my path.
Have you heard me pour out my soul before you?

Strengthen my character, give me the will to face the day,
Give me patience, no matter how Iong the day may seem.

If despair moves in, press upon my heart to remember that
all things are possible with you Lord Jesus!

The world demands action and busy work, I need refreshed by
you, my Lord and friend, to rise me up with new hopes!

Teach me how to fully trust in you when I am weak,
And that through the work of the Holy Spirit, your power
works within me.

May your hand never leave me.  Today I remember your
everlasting love for your children.   May my life and actions
glorify you.
In Jesus' name.

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Loving God our Father!

When you turn to the Lord Jesus you delight his heart!   You know the feeling when someone rushes forward to greet you with a smile and hug.  You feel so loved and acknowledged!   Perhaps that's how God feels when we call on his name in worship and prayer, acknowledging him as our heavenly Father and honoring him above all else.