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Is it good? Who decides that?

What is "good" for you?   Chocolate is good, friends are good, football is good, and a party is good!  Perhaps that is not your list of "good" things.  Maybe you were thinking that a nap is something good!   With our various tastes and personalities, we each would have a different list.   Would our list be different if we had to write down what is good and evil, what is right and wrong when it comes to morals and values?   This could lead into an argument!   Is it really our decision to decide what is good and evil?  It is not up to us to decide!   It doesn't matter what we like or don't like.  All that matters is what God says is good.  God had told us in the Bible what is good and what is evil.  The Bible points out what is right, and what is wrong.   God says it is "good" to forgive!   God says it is "good" to be generous.  We do not have to make our own version of "good values", it is already provided for us by the Creator God.  For God created good in the very beginning.
  Prayer:  Dear good and amazing God!  Guide me today and each day to follow your guidance in my moral choices and actions.  Help me to recognize what is good or evil, and what is "right to do" in your eyes.  Thank you for this help.   Amen.

Grow in knowledge of Jesus!

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory, both now and until that eternal day. (2Pet. 3:1)

   GROW!  It is expected that all of us needs to grow in knowledge of our Lord.  Only as we grow in this knowledge do we enjoy the true, full life available by God's divine power.   We must grow in knowing who Jesus is...with a in-depth look!!  We may know he is the eternal Son of God, and he died for sinners.  But then what else do we know?
   The world will try to tell us lies about what really matters!  We may be led to believe Jesus is not divine.   We may think it's a waste of time to study Jesus.  But, this is where you must make that commitment to study the Bible and absorb all the knowledge about Jesus, and why, and how, He matters in your life!!
   "If you search for Him with all your heart and soul, you will find Him".  (Deut. 4:29b) The knowledge you gain of Jesus, will also help you to become more like Him.  Go searching, the discoveries will be astonishing!




"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."
   - John Holmes

"A GRATEFUL mind is a great mind."  (from Uncle Ben's Quote book)

"Between dreaming of tomorrow and regretting yesterday, there's little time left doing anything today." (from Uncle Ben's Quote book)

"Few love to hear of the sins they love to act." (from Uncle Ben's Quote book)



Family in Worship Together

Thoughts on Family Worship

   God wants ALL of us to love Him, thoughtfully, passionately, and with our whole heart. Worship is a time we can express our affection for God. Worship is a time we give back to God. Have you realized the value of this worship time with your family? On Sunday morning? Or other special times?    In our fast pace society there are fewer things family is doing together. Even meal time becomes a challenge. Sadly, great conversations are often had at the dinner table, and so many of these opportunities are being missed. So let’s focus on the central most important thing a family can do together each week—attend worship at their church together! One of the greatest benefits of family worship is the actual passing on of our faith to the next generation. We are teaching our children how to read the Scriptures, pray, confess their sins, sing unto God, and much more. By participating with us in our worship, they are building a strong foundation, and making their relationship with the eternal one even stronger.      Children watch everything carefully. One little guy named Sam when asked about his Daddy commented, “I want to be just like my Daddy when I get big”!   Do you think he wants to be like Daddy because Daddy worships God?   We can hope and pray, that the family together at worship causes little Sam to be LIKE Daddy, loving the Lord. 
   Anyone who brings family (of any age) to worship is actively helping to pass on the faith.   The Lord asks us to "pass it on", so that all may worship Him!

Keeping Records that can Serve as your Witness!

The people in the Bible sometimes would build memorials to the mighty acts of God in their history.  They put up stones of rememberance, and built permanent records in rock that would serve as witnesses to their children and grandchildren, for what God had done for them.  Christians in the past kept journals of their spiritual experiences with Jesus.  All of this leads to the question, are we keeping diaries of the prayers we have had answered or journaling how our spiritual growth is happening?  Could our children or other family members benefit from our efforts in recording our journey with Jesus?  Many things come to mind which you can record.  Perhaps record weekly insights from your worship time.  Record how God worked during time of sickness in your life.  Share the joyous occasions you were blessed with!  Explain the peace you have felt from the Lord. All of this will soon give you a book of "witness" to share and pass on to family or friends.  Don't forget to include dates!  The Lord in His mysterious ways often uses special dates.  Think about giving time to writing down your spiritual journey.  Think about what the ripple effect could be!  God is doing great things and He is quite precise on the details. AMAZING!

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We give thanks unto You, O God, because we can approach Your throne, at any time, with freedom and confidence! Father, we thank you that we are Your workmanship and our identity is found in You. We are grateful that we were chosen before the foundation of the world, that you adopted us, that you love us, and that we belong to You. When we are tempted to worry about what others think or we are afraid of how others see us, God remind us that You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. We are no longer condemned; we are forgiven. We are delivered. We are healed. We are set free. We are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb! We are Your sons and Your daughters. Hallelujah! We are victorious. In Jesus' name, Amen.   (By T.Morrison)